Passed ISO17025 renewal examination

October 2020

In July, we underwent a renewal examination of the entire management including equipment related to room air conditioner test, package air conditioner test and residential heat pump water heater test by JAB (Japan Accreditation Board), and received a certification recognized that it is "conforming"

FY2019 JATL’s Technical research conference was held (24th March 2020)

April 2020

JATL held a “Technical research conference” by testing engineers in 24th March 2020. Two engineers presented their research results on each theme based on the experimental results, and lively discussions were held.

The theme of this year is as follows.

  • Uncertainty in air conditioner performance measurement
  • Compensation for heat leakage in air enthalpy test method

This Technical research conference is held every year as a place for self-development and training of testing engineer.

The training of performance test was held at JATL (February 3-4)

March 2020

Four young engineers of a major commercial air conditioning equipment manufacturer learned the method of performance test of air conditioner at RAC3, which is air enthalpy measuring device. The training was conducted not only for classroom lectures but also for practical skills.

A One Day Seminar on air conditioner performance testing was held jointly with EEI(*1). (February 18)

March 2020

The purpose is to raise awareness of air conditioner performance testing technology and measurement accuracy in ASEAN (Thailand in this case). Then, with the aim of increasing our name recognition, we held a One Day Seminar on air conditioner performance testing in collaboration with EEI.

A total of about 70 people attended the seminar, including engineers and managers involved in air conditioner performance tests from 18 companies engaged in the development, and manufacture of air conditioners, and two companies that manufacturers of test equipment in Thailand. As well as representatives from the DEDE(*2)

Participants were highly rated because all lectures were directly related to their daily work.

(*1)EEI:Electrical and Electronics Institute
(*2)DEDE:Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency

As Interlaboratory comparison test, which is one of ISO / IEC 17025 requirement was conducted with Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center.(January 14-17)

February 2020

Inter-laboratory comparison test, which is an ISO / IEC 17025 requirement, was conducted with the Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center.(January 14-17)
Both engineers were present at each test.

Confirmation of test methods and technical exchange on performance tests were also conducted.

On February 18th, a seminar of the air conditioner performance test, “JATL & EEI One Day Seminar” will be held in Thailand.

January 2020

JATL will hold a seminar of the air conditioner performance test jointly with Thai testing institute, ELCTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS INSTITUTE (EEI) on February 18th at EEI.

The contents of the seminar are as follows.

  • Introduction of JATL and EEI
  • New test standard in Thailand
  • Performance test standards
  • Uncertainty evaluation in performance test
  • Maintenance of test equipment and measuring equipment