Testing Facility Quasi-Certification

What is Quasi-Certification?

How Quasi-Certification Works

Because JATL’s testing facility and equipment are classified as “primary equipment,” JATL has the capability to calibrate and verify an applicant’s testing equipment or facility and certify that it successfully satisfies the required standard.

Equipment Calibration

Two types of air conditioners/refrigeration equipment with different capacities are used for testing equipment measurement. The testing conditions are outlined below.

【 Room air conditioner 】
Rated cooling, intermediate cooling, standard heating, intermediate heating and low temperature heating
【Packaged air conditioner】
Rated cooling, standard heating and low temperature heating


If the applicant’s measurements and JATL’s measurements are within ±3%, then the applicant’s testing equipment is deemed to be sufficiently capable and satisfactory, and a Certificate of Quasi-Certification of Testing Equipment is issued. Quasi-Certification is valid for a period of two years from the date of issue and the certification scope is stated on the accreditation certificate.

By using Quasi-certified test equipment, more accurate performance test can be performed.

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