JATL, provided support for the establishment of high level of measurement accuracy in Waseda University ‘s new test equipment

April 2021

Next-generation refrigerants with low GWP introduced into refrigeration and airconditioning equipment to prevent global warming are required to have high energysaving performance as well as safety. On the other hand, evaluation of the actual operating characteristics of equipment is emphasized.

Against this background, WASEDA University commissioned NEDO's research project "Development of Technology and Assessment Techniques for Next-Generation Refrigerants with a Low GWP Value”and as part of its project, a performance evaluation equipment "Hybrid Type Actual Operation Performance Evaluation Equipment" that can evaluate the performance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at the actual usage level was built on the Kikui-cho Campus.

In the process of developing a "hybrid type actual operation performance evaluation equipment", JATL, which were the first in Japan to acquire ISO17025 as an air conditioning equipment performance laboratory, provided support for the establishment of high level of measurement accuracy in performance evaluation equipment.

"Hybrid type actual operation performance evaluation equipment" is an air enthalpy measuring device that can measure performance up to air conditioners with cooling capacity of 5 horsepower class.

Our main support includes:
  • Comparison test of air conditioner performance between performance evaluation equipment and JATLʼs test equipment
  • Training and proposals for maintenance and management of testing facilities and test work
  • Certified as a "quasi-certified lab" based on JATLʼs regulations, and efforts for certification of “Satellite Lab” are newly prepared after the planned expansion of facilities in the future.

WASEDA university is looking at a wider range of research topics through the effective use of this equipment.
※NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

FY2020 JATL’s Technical research presentation was held (24th March)

April 2021

On March 24, Technical research presentation by the testing engineers was held at JATL.

This is the third time this event has been held, where the engineers set their own themes, conducted studies and verification tests throughout the year, and presented the results of their research activities.

This time, two test engineers selected issues or interesting themes that they noticed through their daily work and presented them.
The themes of this year's presentations were as follows, and both were met with a lively question and answer session.

About JATL master air conditioners
Issues and improvement proposals in the management of JATL master air conditioners.
About issues and considerations in the calculation method of measurement uncertainty.
Consideration and speculation will be given on how to improve the measurement uncertainty.

We hold this technical research presentation every year as a place for selfdevelopment and training of testing engineers.