Our Business

Performance Test

Upon request, JATL mainly conducts tests to evaluate the performance of heat pumps. We mainly test residential air conditioners, commercial air conditioners and residential heat-pump water heaters. In addition, we also have the capability to test agricultural air conditioning units, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, automobile air conditioning systems, and other such equipment.

On-Site Training

JATL offers a diverse training menu tailored to air conditioning manufacturers and testing laboratories that is based on the manufacturer’s or laboratory’s facilities and equipment, issues ascertained through round robin tests, checklists or other methodologies, as well as the experience and capabilities of the testing laboratory.

Acceptance Training
(Performance Test Training Center)

We are the only laboratry in Japan that provides product certification and testing as well as facility accreditation for air conditioner manufactures and electric power companies. The trust placed in JATL by Japanese government ministries and agencies, affiliated organizations, universities and other institutions and firms enables us to serve an important role in providing training in the use of facilities and equipment.

Testing Facility Quasi-Certification

JATL’s testing facility is classified as ‘primary equipment,’ which is the standard for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in Japan. This enables JATL to conduct mutual calibration and testing to certify other laboratories’ testing facilities.